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Panasonic AAA Heavy Duty 1.5V Battery

4pk Panasonic UM-4NPA/4B AAA Heavy Duty 1.5V 

The Panasonic AAA Heavy Duty 1.5V Batteries are an "Economical" source of power and are commonly purchased in bulk quantities. Their Dry Cells enable them to maintain a reasonable shelf life taking their "low cost" into consideration. Using efficient chemistry with low discharge rates assures stable functionality for their intended use.

They are very useful in low drain or intermittent use devices such as remote controls, smoke alarms, flashlights, clocks or transistor radios. Zinc–carbon dry cells are single-use primary cells, since they are not intended to be recharged. Panasonic AAA Heavy Duty 1.5V Batteries are mercury, cadmium, and lead-free.

Panasonic AAA Heavy Duty 1.5V Battery Specifications:

Voltage: 1.5V
Chemistry: Zinc Carbon
Height: 1.75in (44.5mm)
Diameter: 0.41in (10.5mm)
Type: AAA