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Centauri Wrist Dive Computer

Type: Wrist Computer

Price:  $ 329.99 
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Type: Steel Blue Band

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Type: Teal Wrist Band

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About Genesis Centauri Dive Watch Computer
The Genesis Centauri Dive wrist mount computer is fully capable of all your diving needs. Whether you are scuba diving, free diving or nitrox trained, the Buhlmann ZH-L-16C algorithm will help guide you to manage all of your diving needs. Every setting is available to customize, in order to have this dive computer work the best for you. Plus, it is stylish enough to wear every day. This lightweight wrist mount dive computer provides daily timepiece capabilities and has simple function navigation. The computer features a dive log, smart phone wireless sync, long battery life using a rechargeable battery. The Genesis Centauri is equipped with audible alarms, vibration alarms, a hibernation mode to conserve battery life, and provides temperature.

Scuba Mode:
When diving the Genesis Centauri, it will provide an automatic dive timer and has 3 Conservative Factor (CF) levels. The CF1 is the most conservative, CF2 is conservative and CF3 is the least conservative so you can choose amount of safety factor depending on your diving habits and physical condition. Computer has Nitrox and PPO2 settings and can be used with Nitrox mixes up to 56%. There is an ascent rate alarm, NDL (no decompression level) constant display, deco stop information, depth and time alarms, sample rate adjustment G-sensor, and no fly indicator. Computer has a maximum operational depth of 328' (100m). Computer has a reset mode for multiple user compatibility.

Free Dive Mode:
When used for free diving activities the Genesis Centauri provides surface intervals, maximum depth, maximum ascent & descent speed, average ascent & descent speed, dive time alarm, depth alarm, and surface interval alarm.

Watch Mode:
When your kick in town after the dive looking for a meal or working in the office and want a reliable and stylish timepiece the Genesis Centauri is the perfect companion. The watch mode provides a 12 or 24-hour time format, has date and day and a great backlight function for low light conditions. Computer comes with a durable rubber wrist band and an owner's manual.

  • Genesis Centauri Dive Watch Computer Features
  • Genesis Centauri Dive Watch Computer:
  • Fully Capable of All Your Diving Needs
  • Scuba Diving, Free Diving or Nitrox Trained It Does It All!
  • Buhlmann ZH-L-16C Algorithm: Helps Guide You to Manage All Your Diving Needs
  • Every Setting½is Available to Customize
  • Dive Computer Work Best for You
  • Stylish Enough to Wear Every Day
  • Lightweight Wrist Mount Dive Computer Provides Daily Timepiece Capabilities
  • Simple Function Navigation
  • Dive Log, Smart Phone Wireless Sync & Long Battery Life
  • User Friendly Rechargeable Battery
  • Audible & Vibration Alarms, Hibernation Mode to Conserve Battery Life
  • Temperature Gauge
  • Scuba Mode:
  • Automatic Dive Timer
  • 3 Conservative Factor (CF) Levels
  • CF1 Most Conservative
  • CF2 Conservative
  • CF3 Least Conservative
  • Choose Amount of Safety Factor Depending On Your Diving Habits & Physical Condition
  • Nitrox & PPO2 Settings
  • Nitrox Mixes Up to 56%
  • Scuba Mode Continued:
  • Ascent Rate Alarm, NDL Constant Display
  • Deco Stop Information
  • Depth & Time Alarms
  • Sample Rate Adjustment G-Sensor
  • No Fly Indicator
  • Maximum Operational Depth: 328' (100m)
  • Reset Mode for Multiple User Compatibility
  • Free Dive Mode:
  • Provides Surface Intervals
  • Maximum Depth
  • Maximum Ascent & Descent Speed
  • Average Ascent & Descent Speed
  • Dive Time Alarm
  • Depth Alarm
  • Surface Interval Alarm
  • Watch Mode:
  • Kick'n in Town After Dives Looking for a Meal
  • Working-In the Office
  • Reliable & Stylish Timepiece
  • Perfect Companion
  • 12 or 24-Hour Time Format
  • Date & Day
  • Backlight Function for Low Light Conditions
  • Durable Rubber Wrist Band

Owner's Manual
Warranty Information
This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.