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Cotisol First Aid Spray

Natural Jellyfish Sting & Fire Coral Treatment:
Florida Scuba Divers use Cotisol 


Product Details
COTISOL First Aid Green Heals® is 100% ALL NATURAL

Cotisol® skin care clinically demonstrated to soothe, treat, and heal a wide variety of wounds and skin conditions. Hydroctyle Asiatica, the primary active ingredient is extracted from the Centella Asiatica plant. The formulation contains seven other plant-based ingredients and all simultaneously and independently play wound-healing roles. The homeopathic preparation of the Hydrocotyle Tincture promotes healing of minor wounds, cuts, sunburns, and skin irritations. The Topical First-Aid spray is FDA regulated, it is clinically proven to treat and heal minor wounds and skin conditions which makes the ideal product for: post-cosmetic procedures(Laser tattoo/hair removal), dermabrasion; burns(artificial and sunburn), cuts and scrapes. Cotisol provides and regulates cellular building blocks, in essence, customer does not need to have an array of products in his/her medicine cabinet of first-aid kit;

Cotisol® has the unique advantage of simultaneously acting as an antiseptic and a cicatrizant; moreover, it affects all four phases of healing. This drug constitutes a new and advantageous approach in the treatment of wounds.

Drug Facts

Cotisol (hydrocotyle tincture) 30ml Spray:
*First-aid helps promote healing of minor wounds,cuts, scrapes; skin irritations, insect bites, and artificial burns and sunburns.

Mixture of mother tinctures and essential oils with cicatrizing and antiseptic properties. Cicatrizing action due to Centella Asiatica or Hydrocotyle tincture. Antiseptic action of Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme in addition to the anti-infectious. Anti-edema, anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictor properties of Horse Chestnut. Thanks to this combination of plant extracts, Cotisol® has much stronger and faster cicatrizing, antiseptic power than each active ingredient administered separately. Cotisol® is particularly recommended for the treatment of minor wounds, burns/sunburns, insect bites, various dermatoses and for maintenance of optimal skin integrity. properties of Carlina.


Active Ingredient*

   - Hydrocotyle Tincture 1X HPUS- 89%- Heals wounds and skin irritations
                HPUS- Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States-  indicates that the Active ingredient is recognized by the HPUS.

   Inactive Ingredients

  • -Lavender
  • -Rosemary
  • -Horse chestnut
  • -Thyme
  • -Alfalfa
  • -Carlina


Clean the affected area of the skin with mild soap and water, spray a small amount of Cotisol First-Aid® 3 to 4 times daily. Repeat until healed. Wound may be covered with a sterile bandage. *For children under 2 years of age consult with a Doctor. 


Centella A plant-based pharmaceutical company

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