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CETO Rubicon Frameless Mask


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About Sherwood Ceto Mask

The Sherwood Ceto mask is a colored enhanced single lens frameless mask with a durable silicone over-mold. The Tangine lens or orange lens was designed to offer optical contrast while diving. The Tangine lens drastically reduces light wavelength from 400-600 nanometers. This minimizes the UV light entering the mask which reduces glare and improves optical clarity. The Rubicon lens or red lens was designed to add more optical contrast and make things easier to spot while diving. This lens is ideal for low light levels or even night diving. The magenta lens is designed for use in waters where colors are richer and more vibrant. This unique product is designed to filter out blue wavelengths in the water, allowing your eyes to see the brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and green colors that are lost as a diver descends.

The single tempered glass lens provides superior field of vision. Mask has a double feathered edge high quality silicone rubber skirt and wide split style silicone rubber mask strap that combined to create a perfect seal on the face. Progressively designed "frameless" mask brings lens closer to face for enhanced field of vision and low internal volume. Mask has a large easy to reach one hand nose pocket for ear equalization which can be utilized even when wearing thick gloves. Mask comes with protective mask box.