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Large Mouth Fish/Lobster Bag 3 in 1

Size: 24 Inch

Price:  $ 89.95 
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Size: 30 inch

Price:  $ 119.95 
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Size: 36 inch

Price:  $ 129.95 
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Having the proper gear when diving is important for many reasons & having proper gear for hunting/spearfishing makes each diver more productive and safer. The owners at Florida Scuba Divers have designed a perfect option for any underwater hunter:
Take a look at this video of their new design an All In One Bag for:
• Lobster Hunting • Lionfish Removal
• Spearfishing 3-1 purpose bag this bag is larger & more durable than the average bags on the market. It is a must have for any commercial diver. The material is lionfish resistant and the throat of the bag is much larger for 5lbs+ lobsters and the length of the bag is much longer for tucking your fish away when sharks are present during your dive. Key features:
• 9" throat opening • Heavy duty wider reinforced flap that is glued & riveted to the throat.
• Thick puncture resistant material
• High visibility color at depth
• Heavy duty bottom bag zipper
• Very Strong Delron D-Rings Price range: $ 99 - $ 129

For more information: • Email us • Call us 561-270-5788 • Social Media DM • Online Store • Stop By (best option) Florida Scuba Divers 635 Northlake Blvd, North Palm Beach, FL 33408 (561) 270-5788 For whole sale pricing email us at #scubadivers #spearfishing #scubadiving #lobster #invasivespecies #invasivefish #lionfish #underwaterhunting #diveshop #northpalmbeach #atlantic #atlanticocean #saltlife #southfloridamermaid #sublime #2020 #mermaid #spearo #lobsterbag #divegear #iTravelFL #Padi