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Lobster Lasso

Bring home dinner instead of stories about `The ones that got away` while you were lobstering. The LOBSTER LASSO is the best on the market for a lobster snare. The LOBSTER LASSO is stainless steel spring loaded snare that you can ONLY buy at Florida Scuba Divers. This easy-to-use lobster snare is a popular choice among our selection of lobstering gear. Wrangling lobsters is made easy by lassoing the SS wire loop end around the lobsters tail and let go the spring loaded handle. All this can be done conveniently with a one-hand or two, then you securely grasp it & stuff it in your lobster bag. Choose the LOBSTER LASSO snare and you will never want to use another.  Check out the 2nd video on "How to use the lobster lasso!"

Lobster Lasso Measurements:
34" Cocked Ready position
53" Total length


Here is another video taken by one of Florida Scuba Divers awesome customers: The Beach Divers